About VOP !

VOP provides alternative solutions to recurrent and particular problems. Either not satisfying existing solutions or new problems to solve, define our capabilities. We are mainly specialized in Optical Network, and working to bring new approaches to enhance and improve FTTH architectures. Also we develop customizable Solutions in IoT based on integration approaches for existing Farms.

Dedicated APIs to calculate the best configuration of FTTH architectures

  • Integration in Customer's Environment
  • Target and solve real problem
  • Integrate Customer's Data

APIs Series

Based on equipment used and network configuration, we evaluate all possible links and scenarios with real time budget (dB) calculations including all elements (splices, Connectors, Splitters etc.) 

Our API optimizes OPEX by highlighting unused elements and streamlining supervision and intervention operations.

API output offer a better sizing of both field force teams and main operations, such as network supervision, to adapt in real time workload variation, detecting of non-pertinent activities.

CAPEX optimization is mainly based on the average life of equipment and the intervention costs, the location of the equipment, routes, links and various constraints related to these elements.

Equipment Saturation and level usage is calculated for all equipment (OLT, Splitters) with status alerting (80%, 100%). Also, alternative equipment configurations are calculated in case on saturation. 

For a given Area, it is possible to analyse its nature and features by a multi-criteria clustering approach (densification, users services nature, distance etc.). As a direct result, a better Equipment placement is extracted to optimize the area architecture.

Based on data analyses VOP API can predict the evolution of neighbors areas and sub areas (based mainly on premises types, users nature, ground aspects etc.)  

How ?

Provide us your Data related to the particular area (or all Data) (All formats)

Our API parse, translate, adapt and integrate data in our system.

API detects all anomalies in terms of GIS and affectations

API starts calculation

Results : API can be integrated in customers software to display and filter results

Results : Can be displayed directly on the browser (JSON format)

Cloud Platform for FTTH Project Management

  • Handle total FTTH projects
  • Cloud computing oriented
  • Multi-users environment



Customers Request Module : analyse end-user request (upgrade, new user etc.) and provide in real-time technical solution from OLT to ONT (equipment config. links features, OTDR, work orders etc.)

Equipment Recognition: by scanning equipment QR code, all links from OLT to this scanned equipment are displayed with various scenarios and situations etc.

Ground Detection : Integrate google Street views for surveys.

Our back-end is fully coded in Java and using the last advanced libraries. All modules and functions are independent and based on VOP API’s.

We can add, remove or adapt modules regarding customer’s needs.

System can generate customizable technical reports (equipment, links, OTDR, clustering etc.)

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How ?

Import all data to the platform

Adapt Parameters and variable (customizable environment)

Exploit results

IoT for Smart Farms

  • PLC based Solutions
  • Multi-farms & multi-users
  • Cloud based Secured Platform

Alternative Farms

Fully Customizable Sessions

  • Based on case-studies
  • Using FTTX-Lab Environment
  • Updated Courses

Alternative Training

Development Training IT Optics Fibers FTTX FTTH OSP ISP High Level Design

Case-Study : ARIMA Farm, Tunisia

Arima Farm

Case-Study : Ooredoo Qatar

Note That Data can not be shared. Only description is cited here.