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Alternative Operations LLC, is Licensed by the Qatar Financial Center Authority (QFCA).



OPTICAL Fiber FTTX OSP FTTH Cables Splices ONU OLT SPLICERS CONNECTORS Modeling Dimensioning Optimization


Development Training IT Optics Fibers FTTX FTTH OSP ISP High Level Design

Visit Alternative Operation’s FTTX Labs. An online platform for FTTX project’s management. Ask us to have your demo access.

Serving greater MENA and Africa regions, Alternativ’op is a full scale I.T company providing industrial clients with alternative technical solutions. Independently operated, our certified experts and engineers are capable of handling your projects of any size, scope and time. We offer an alternative solution for big, complex and expensive FTTx and Optical Networks projects. Our step by step approach transforms your project in flexible and customizable sub-projects. 

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Alternativ’Op offers a wide range of Onsite classes at locations around the world. Below is a description of our courses taught. For international training, contact us directly for the latest sessions.

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