This Announcement is applied ONLY to Tunisian national living in TUNISIA

Alternative Operations, LLC would like to announce a new vacancies for a Confirmed Developers in the IT department. Interested applicants should have at least 3 years of experience.

Also applicants are required to show and detail references and accomplished/current projects. The applicant will take part of our developers team, and work in multi-projects approach. Below, a complete job description.

VOP-100-01 : Front-end development, deep knowledge in UX and UI, HTML5, CSS and Javascript development. FrameWork adaptation and integration, RESTFUL API development.

Main Tasks: Participate in current projects, target actions, daily results and tests review

VOP-100-02 : Native Java development, JEE environment, Git. API and JAR development, test and validation. Daily test and validation on local and host servers.

Main Tasks: Sessions evaluations, Memory control, Thread and jobs control, Lists manipulations, DB access optimization.

General Contact Information




Please provide a short CV/Resume (only ONE page)
Please Provide a PDF file with your References to work, projects, part of Study etc. (accomplished or current). Please provide Live links or Screenshots, images and all useful document to appreciate your skills.